Famous (and Infamous) Ethical Breaches By Attorneys (Part 1)

Andrew Struve
March 01, 2021
Legal Ethics

Some lawyers are famous for the right reasons, while others are famous (read: infamous) for all the wrong reasons. This entertaining program chronicles the rise and fall of several infamous attorneys – ranging from President Richard Nixon to Roy Cohn to Michael Avenatti – and discusses how their conduct ran afoul of the law and the legal ethics rules. The program materials include an ethical violation scorecard so can play along as we catalog the legal ethics violations committed by this rogues gallery of disbarred attorneys.


Andrew Struve, Partner, Hooper Lundy & Bookman, San Diego & Los Angeles, CA

Andrew Struve is a partner in Hooper Lundy & Bookman’s Litigation Department in the San Diego and Los Angeles offices. Andrew’s practice focuses on complex commercial litigation and unfair competition actions as well as regulatory compliance matters, with a particular expertise in healthcare, private equity, insurance, and the defense of consumer suits. In the healthcare field, Andrew has litigated class and other representative actions, federal and state qui tam litigation, antitrust suits, RICO actions, managed care contracting suits, earnout disputes, partnership actions, bad faith claims, and payment disputes, and has additionally conducted numerous internal investigations and compliance audits. In the managed care and insurance fields, Andrew has litigated numerous fraud and other class actions in addition to individual unfair business practices suits, bad faith actions and rescission litigations. Andrew also has represented clients in trials and other litigation of significant matters involving real estate, title insurance, intellectual property, false advertising, employment, misappropriation of trade secrets, product liability, professional liability, partnerships, indemnity, contribution, subrogation, and other areas of the law, and has served as regulatory counsel and governance advisor to healthcare clients. In addition to leading litigation teams in healthcare disputes in federal and state courts across the United States, Andrew also serves as national governance, regulatory, and compliance counsel for a number of companies.

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