Hack my MBA for Lawyers: Business Ethics vs. Legal Ethics

Zach McGee
April 29, 2023
Legal Ethics


Have you ever thought about getting an MBA? Save your time and money! In this series of programs, “Hack my MBA for Lawyers,” practicing lawyers who hold MBA’s take key concepts from the MBA curriculum that have real value for practicing lawyers, teach them to you in an engaging way and show how to apply them in your practice using real-world hypotheticals. In the process, you’ll also learn the unique language MBA’s employ - sometimes called “MBA-speak” - to help you better understand and communicate with your MBA-trained or other finance-type clients.

In this third program in the series, Zach McGee explores the topic of business ethics versus legal ethics to help you answer two key questions: what are your business clients taught about ethics, and how can you, as their lawyer, help them make ethical business decisions? Zach uses notorious scandals at Theranos, Volkswagen and Turing Pharmaceuticals to illustrate how real-world institutional and competitive pressures can lead some business leaders to follow unethical business practices. Rules covered include: ABA Model Rule 2.1; ABA Model Rule 4.1; and Cal. Bus. & Prof. Code Section 6068.


Zachary S. McGee, Senior Vice President, Business Affairs, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Los Angeles, CA

Zach McGee is a Senior Vice President, Business Affairs, for Sony Pictures Entertainment in Los Angeles where he negotiates distribution deals for feature films and television series. Before joining Sony Pictures, Zach held senior in-house legal positions at NBCUniversal and Miramax. Zach began his career as a law clerk to the Honorable Michael B. Mukasey, Chief Judge, United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, and as an associate with DavisPolk in New York, New York, and Menlo Park, California. He is a magna cum laude graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School, and he received his Masters of Business Administration from the UCLA Anderson School of Management. Zach is also a successful entrepreneur and founder of educational content companies in the legal space.

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