Substance Abuse: Intervention Success Stories

Jim Heiting Greg Dorst
August 01, 2015
Substance Abuse


Jim Heiting, President of the California State Bar (2005-2006), and Greg Dorst, a lawyer and certified addiction specialist, invite you to hear and help celebrate the compelling personal stories of two lawyers who were rescued from chemical dependency by successful interventions conducted by The Other Bar, a recovery support group for lawyers, judges and law students. While support groups like The Other Bar offer strict confidentiality, these lawyers have volunteered to share their stories publicly in the hope that their experiences will persuade others to seek help.

In this program, you’ll hear from:

Mike R.: A young lawyer who began suffering adverse consequences from his binge drinking, including a DUI and strained relationships with family and friends, while still in law school. After receiving help from The Other Bar, Mike has become a successful family law attorney who has learned to deal with the pressures of his work and personal lives without alcohol.

Kelly S.: A prosecutor who struggled for years with a busy career, three young children and a husband who had a severe drinking problem. With help from The Other Bar, Kelly realized she was a codependent who was enabling her husband’s alcoholism. After making a change to save herself and her family, Kelly now leads a highly fulfilling life as a successful lawyer, mother and wife.

This program is co-presented by The Other Bar. The Other Bar is a network of recovering lawyers and judges throughout California, dedicated to assisting others within the profession who are suffering from alcohol and substance abuse problems. The Other Bar is a private, non-profit corporation, was founded on the principle of anonymity and provides services in strict confidentiality. Participation in programs sponsored by The Other Bar is voluntary and open to all California lawyers, judges and law students. For more information or to make a donation, please visit


Greg Dorst, Southern California Consultant to the Other Bar, Certified Addiction Specialist, Riverside, CA

Jim Heiting, Former President, State Bar of California (2005-2006), Partner, Heiting & Irwin, Riverside, CA

Greg is a former prosecutor and defense attorney who currently works full time in the recovery field. He is a Certified Addiction Specialist, frequent lecturer on chemical dependency and a trainer of staff at recovery and treatment facilities. Greg is also the Southern California Consultant to The Other Bar.JIM HEITING

Jim is a trial attorney and managing partner of Heiting & Irwin in Riverside, California. He is a former President of the State Bar of California, the Riverside County Bar Association, and The Other Bar.

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