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“Deposition Testimony: 5 Simple Rules is a terrific supplement to traditional witness preparation. The video reinforces the advice we give by showing the witness how to apply that advice when testifying and, as importantly, vividly illustrating how things can go wrong if the advice is not followed.”

Dennis E. Glazer, Esq. -    New York, NY

“Deposition Testimony: 5 Simple Rules is a great teaching tool for witnesses and young litigators alike. Dramatic scenes, practical narration and superb production values combine for a highly effective and engaging presentation that makes the techniques of good deposition testimony extremely easy to absorb.”

Gail Migdal Title, Esq.
Mediator, ADR Services, Former Co-Managing Partner, Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP
-    Los Angeles, CA

“The video gives witnesses the experience of seeing what can happen to them in a deposition or trial if they are not careful, thoughtful and prepared. The visual impact of watching a witness under a relentless cross-examination because he or she didn’t take the deposition seriously gives my clients an extra edge that ordinary witness prep doesn’t. This video is a tremendously valuable witness prep tool.”

Craig J. de Recat, Esq.
Co-Chair, Trial Practice, and Board Member, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP
-    Los Angeles, CA

“As a litigator who handles complex civil cases, often in employment matters, preparing nervous witnesses to testify in cases where their reputations and substantial sums of money are on the line is something I have done countless times in my career. Deposition Testimony: 5 Simple Rules is equal parts teacher and security blanket, and it is one of the most effective ways to help witnesses – whether rank-and-file employees or CEOs – provide their best possible testimony at a deposition. I highly recommend it.” doesn’t. This video is a tremendously valuable witness prep tool.”

Jennifer M. Ilenstine, Esq. -    Los Angeles, CA

“Deposition Testimony: 5 Simple Rules is a terrific deposition preparation tool in cases of all sizes for solo practitioners to big firm litigators. The modern feel helps witnesses engage with the lessons and learn what problems to avoid by observing others instead of through personal experience.”

Damian D. Capozzola, Esq -    Los Angeles, CA

“In 18 years of practicing complex commercial litigation, this is the most powerful and effective deposition preparation product I’ve seen. My clients give it high marks, as well.”

Stephen R. Clark, Esq.
Partner, Runnymede Law Group
-    St. Louis, MO

“Deposition Testimony: 5 Simple Rules is an engaging witness preparation program with excellent content and production values. As an in-house lawyer, I’ve used the program to prepare our executives to testify with great feedback and results. I highly recommend it and definitely would use it again.”

Dorsey Morrow, Esq.
Executive Director, SEG, Former General Counsel (ISC)²
-    Vienna, VA

“A superb tool for witnesses that teaches not only the rules for testifyingbut also what to expect from the deposition at trial. Well produced and entertaining. Outstanding!”

Gregory W. MacKenzie, Esq.
Hurley, Toevs, Styles, Hamblin & Panter, PA
-    Albuquerque, NM

Deposition Testimony: 5 Simple Rules should be required viewing for any deponent, especially one who’s never done it before. I’ve had several clients tell me that just being told the rules is no substitute for watching them in action.”

Aaron J. Moss, Esq.
Chair, Litigation Department, Greenberg Glusker LLP
-    Los Angeles, CA

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